Having parent volunteers in the classroom is an integral part of our preschool program. It allows us to consistently maintain a 4:1 child to adult ratio. Therefore, a babysitting program is available for parents who are assisting in the classroom and need care for their other children. This service allows you to participate in your preschooler's classroom while having your other children nearby and well cared for.  Our babysitting room is a nut-free room that is equipped with changing areas, developmentally appropriate toys and portable cribs.  Our caretakers have been with us for years and our adult:child ratio follows NYS guidelines. The babysitting program accommodates children of all ages and is only available while assisting in the classroom or occassionally for field trips.  Parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are being cared for on site.  We also use a beeper in the event we need to reach parents. This service is NOT included in the tuition.