"We will definitely be signing up for more classes next year with our younger son and look forward to more positive experiences at PCNS." - Parent

Our enrichment opportunities are constantly changing and evolving.  At PCNS we are committed to creating opportunities for children to grow and develop new talents and interests!  We are excited to offer several extracurricular programs that we hope will enrich children’s experiences by giving them multiple opportunities to socialize, develop skills and deepen understandings in the company of friends.  We work to design offerings that include movement, creative arts and hands-on discovery to give children the chance to find their talents and develop a love of learning, and an appreciation for culture. Enrichment opportunities are offered after school hours at an additional cost.

Past Offerings Have Included:

Fabulous Friday Friends- Allows children to learn about collaboration through outdoor and indoor adventures. Class will participate in cooperative games, creating simple machines, repurposing recyclables and exploring how things work.

Sporty Sprouts - Offers an introduction of various sports. Develops gross motor skills and socialization.  

Curious Minds - Focuses on literacy development, mathematically based games, science experiments, cooking, information gathering, discussion and planning, as well as art exploration. Children will also have time for large motor play and supervised free play to work on social skills.