Frequently Asked Questions

-What's a Cooperative Preschool?  We believe a cooperative preschool is one that involves both school and families as active participants in their children's learning.  Our teachers and families come together to inspire development in a warm environment.  This means parents are involved as assistants in the classroom and as volunteers for other school activities.  

-What Kind of Commitment Is Involved? While we rely on every family to help maintain our school and inspire success, we also recognize that each family's situation is different.  If your schedule does not allow you to be in your child's classroom for all of your working days, you can "buy out" working days in advance or designate a PCNS-trained caregiver (family member, sitter, etc.) to attend in your place.  Additionally, you will be assigned one committee responsibility. A full list of committee options is available in the registration packet.

-Does My Child Have To Be Potty Trained?!  Our goal is for each child in the 3's and 4's class to be potty trained, however we realize that children develop at different rates.  Our teachers may offer tips and suggestions to help you through this journey. :)