The focus at PCNS is creating opportunities for our children to have fun and grow!  Now the fun doesn’t have to end with the preschool year.  We are happy to bring you an exciting summer camp designed for kids ages 2-5. 

Our camp themes focus on how much fun “pretend”can be.  Our days include:  stories, crafts, backyard games, water play, outside and inside play time, fine motor and large motor activities.

Camp themes change every year. Past favorites include:

Fairy-tale Kingdom

Brave knights, daring Princesses, fiery Dragons and mischievous Fairies! We will explore the world of Once Upon a Time by building castles, dressing up and recreating our own fairy-tale kingdom. 

Space Camp

Imagine life on the space station doing experiments, or exploring the planets in our solar system.  We will build our own planets and maybe even make a rocket ship to blast into outer space!  It's out of this world fun!

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

All aboard for a week of exploring various modes of transportation through play.  We will investigate how and why things move.  Children will brainstorm ideas for creating their own moving objects after we have learned “how things go.”  Boys and girls will be able to take things apart and put them together and get moving.

I Want to Join the Circus

We will drive into the magical world of the circus.  Each day we will explore the different acts at the circus and try to recreate them.  At the end of the week, we will have our own PCNS circus here at school.  It will be a roaring good time!

Commotion in the Ocean

What lies below the ocean surface (and on it)?  We will look at salt water life, play ocean inspired games and have craft opportunities to enhance learning of these mystical living things.  We will also look at what happens on top of the water (pirates,ships and beach play).  All hands on deck for a week of watery fun!

Water Works

Nothing beats playing with water during the summer.  Children will will explore and play with water in various ways.  They’ll play in water tables, play group water games like water balloon toss, make tie-dye T-shirts and much, much more.