Here's What Our Friends Have To Say About Us...

"Our family has truly enjoyed our involvement with PCNS. The cooperative experience has allowed us to assume an active role in the early education of all of our children, while introducing us to families who share similar values and child rearing styles. The teachers genuinely care about the well-being of each student. By placing an emphasis on learning through play, they encouraged both the social and intellectual development of my children. We would enthusiastically recommend the school to anyone interested in such an experience." -Lutz Family

"The 4+ class is absolutely wonderful! We could not be happier with the teacher, aide, curriculum and school as a whole. We are so glad we found this option for our son."

"My son loved the Curious Minds program at PCNS.  He was so excited to have lunch with his friends, and the hands on activities were fabulous.  All of the themes were age appropriate and educational!  It was great that he could just stay after school, so he was comfortable with the surroundings and familiar with the kids."  -Sorenson Family

"Thank so much for the incredible warmth and patience our children have received. PCNS has been such a special place for our family. Our son has truly enjoyed the atmosphere, the friendships he has developed, the playful learning experiences, and most of all...the teachers. We look forward to several more years at this wonderful school!" -Kremer Family

"Curious Minds was a fantastic add-on for my daughter! She loved staying later at school, bringing her lunch, and lots of hands-on (and sometimes messy!) learning in a small group. And the topics explored were diverse and stimulating: worms, gravity, sinking and floating, liquids and solids, baking, etc. The teachers also sent home wonderful summaries of what was done in the classes so that we could continue exploring at home. It was terrific!"  -Ying Family

 "Fantastic preschool program! Always willing to work with us on our concerns. Our child has developmental delays and the staff has been so helpful. Finding a preschool that allowed us to bring our child's therapists into the classroom was important to us and PCNS embraces that concept completely."